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Weather here in this part of the world is just as moody, just as subjective and disloyal, as people.


― Jackie Kay, Trumpet

Place and a mind may interpenetrate

till the nature of both is altered.


― Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain

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My life was rough and windy and tangled.

Growing up in the wind leaves you strong, sloped and adept at seeking shelter.


― Amy Liptrot, The Outrun

Loss isn't an absence after all. It is a presence. A strong presence right next to me. I look at it. It doesn't look like anything, that's what is so strange. It just fits in.


― Jackie Kay, Trumpet

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Energy never expires. The energy of waves, carried across the ocean, changes into noise and heat and vibrations that are absorbed into the land and passed through the generations.


― Amy Liptrot, The Outrun

How bizarre, I think to myself, to be on a train and to actually not want to arrive anywhere? What kind of madness is that?


― Jackie Kay, Wish I Was Here

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I am not out of myself, but in myself. I am. To know Being, this is the final grace accorded from the mountain.


― Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain

Out of these mountains,

Out of the defiant torment of plutonic rock,

Out of fire, terror, blackness and upheaval,

Leap the clear burns,

Living water,

Like some pure essence of being

Invisible in itself,

Seen only by its movement.


― Nan Shepherd, “VIII The Hills Burns”, In the Cairngorms

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Photographies par Fanie Demeule
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